I love accompanying dance classes! Everything ‘clicks’ for me: rhythm, tempo, the synergy of playing with other musicians. It is in ensemble class that I fully appreciate the energy that is flamenco.” ~ Stephanie Woods, guitar student


  • Cultivate knowledgeable flamenco appreciators (aficionados) primarily through the study of flamenco guitar (both solo and accompaniment forms).
  • Share my knowledge with the flamenco student community of guitarists and non-guitarists through workshops and private instruction.
  • Create occasional performance opportunities for those students who are interested.
  • Build community among flamenco students and aficionados
  • Educate students about the flamenco art form in a similar manner to the way flamenco is taught in Spain as an oral tradition, while acknowledging that many students in our culture require some notation to retain information.
  • Provide students with a foundation that is technically and ergonomically sound.
  • Emphasize ensemble playing extensively, since flamenco guitar has its foundation in rhythm and the ensemble. This includes bringing guest teachers to the local community to provide workshops, collaborating with local dancers (and singers whenever possible), other guitarists, using traditional handclapping (palmas) and even playing with CDs.
  • Encourage students to attend live performances.